Dysney Disfunction (3 stars)

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Dysney Disfunction

HACK Theatre and Norwich Arts Centre

In Brexit Britain happily ever after (and UK residency) is just a marriage visa away. But Australian Alice's visa expires today and she's only got Primark flats for glass slippers, an Oyster card for a pumpkin coach and a prince who won't twerk. Love, Alice thinks, is a fairy tale. Visa-less and forced to return to a country she doesn't call home anymore, she waits at the tube for Prince Charming to rescue her. Alice quickly learns love changes people and childhood stories have no place in the adult world. Created by Malcolm Bradbury Award winner Michelle Sewell.

Age category: 12+

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Dysney Disfunction

5 Aug 20183 stars

Michelle Sewell's play reveals surprising depth in it's powerful conclusion

Alice faces a return to Sydney, Australia. It's not her home anymore, and Dysney Disfunction – for the most part – ponders whether her very own prince can save her from that fate. It's a neat juxtaposition; as a child she watched (and related to) Ariel…

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