Vince Ebert: Sexy Science. Made in Germany (3 stars)

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Vince Ebert: Sexy Science. Made in Germany

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Vince Ebert

German comedians are like English cooks, sober Scotsmen or Texan democrats. And physicists aren't funny at all. That may be true until you meet the father of German science comedy. Vince Ebert explains scientific facts using the fundamental laws of humour. Why is the sky blue? Why is the night black? Why shouldn't we eat yellow snow? A witty and inspiring performance about skeptical thinking, fake news, the secret of German cars and the important question: do strippers in the southern hemisphere turn around the pole in the opposite direction?

Age category: 16+

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Vince Ebert: Sexy Science. Made in Germany

26 Aug 20183 stars

Avuncular and nerdy set about science makes some decent waves

Germans and science. If the stereotypical past has taught us anything, we shouldn't expect too much humour to come out of either, but merge the two and it's a comedy wasteland, right? Against the odds, physicist Vince Ebert disproves those longstanding…

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