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Heather Litteer

Heather came to the Big Apple to become an actress. She worked her way up the ladder playing hookers, junkies and strippers: parts that most actresses are afraid to play. Heather Litteer's gripping, funny, heartfelt solo show explores how women are treated both onscreen and off. Her adventures as an actress and downtown darling interweave with calls back home to her ill mother, a steel magnolia whose southern roots are so strong they can suffocate. Navigating the absurd misogyny of our media verse, Lemonade turns female exploitation on it's head and offers redemption to any woman who's been typecast.

Strong language, Adult Content,Nudity

Age category: 16+

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22 Aug 20173 stars

Male oppression comes as no suprise

Heather Litteer's autobiographical monologue flickers between a personal history of misogyny in the USA's film industry and a difficult relationship with her mother. Brought up in the south – with both Presbyterian values and Tennessee Williams' plays…

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