The Ayahuasca Diaries (2 stars)

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The Ayahausca Diaries

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Benji Waterstones

Shrink and award-winning comedian Benji Waterstones heads to Peru in search of ayahuasca, a healing hallucinogenic so strong that just one dose has been likened to 15 years of therapy. So, is it the magic pill he craves? A funny and moving account of one self-help junkie's search for happiness. ‘Perfect and hilarious’ ( ‘Original writing and distinctive worldview’ (

Age category: 16+

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Benji Waterstones: The Ayahuasca Diaries

31 Aug 20172 stars

A humdrum chat about drugs and wishes amounts to not a lot

In possibly the most compact and bijou room at the Fringe, some 25 souls squeeze into a back cupboard to get very up close and personal with Benji Waterstones. A junior doctor on his hols, he's here to regale us about the positive (or otherwise) effects…

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