LATELAB: The Taste of Blue

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What do Richard Feynman and Stevie Wonder have in common? Both have the brain condition synaesthesia which gives rise to sensory connections between unrelated experiences. Enter the mixed-up world of the synesthete where one sense leads to another and the whole world takes on a different meaning. Do numbers have a taste or colours have a smell? Join us on a multimedia and multi-sensory voyage to explore the extra connections in the brain of a synesthete. LateLab is a collaboration between Edinburgh International Science Festival, New Media Scotland and The University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. 14+

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Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014 presents nighttime LateLab strand

24 Mar 2014

The evening events will include a synæsthesia session and a Soylent Green screening

Presenting science for an evening crowd has proven to be such a winner that the Edinburgh International Science Festival’s LateLab strand has now rolled out across the year in a series of quarterly events, with a dozen of them being held within the…

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