Ming: The Golden Empire (3 stars)

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Ming: The Golden Empire

An overview of the legacy of the Ming Dynasty, which ruled China from 1368 to 1644 and which presided over an era of unprecedented national stability. During the Ming period, Beijing was established as China's capital city; the Great Wall took its present form; there were huge advances in printing and ceramics technology, so that even now a 'Ming vase' is the archetype of a priceless antique; and China opened itself up to foreign trade, which meant that Szechuan cuisine met and fell in love with the South American chili pepper. See original artefacts from the Nanjing Museum in the only UK showing of this major exhibition.

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National Museum of Scotland

Discover the extraordinary story of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), a period of China’s history marked by economic strength and a dramatic flourishing of the arts. Meaning brilliant or bright, the Ming era represents the starting point of modern China. A collection of original artefacts from Nanjing Museum introduce key aspects of the Ming dynasty, focusing on the remarkable cultural, technological and economic achievements of the period. This will be the only UK showing of this internationally significant exhibition.

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Ming: The Golden Empire

5 Aug 20143 stars

The Edinburgh Art Festival presents an eclectic collection of artefacts from the Ming Dynasty period

From porcelain fish vats to civil service exam papers, Ming: The Golden Empire is strikingly eclectic. This ambitious exhibition enlightens the audience on the 276-year Ming Dynasty through a combination of intriguing artefacts and digital…

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