The List

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The List
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The award-winning tale of a bereaved woman struggling to come to terms with rural living, who begins to stick rigorously to her lists until this ritual introduces a new set of troubles.

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Stellar Quines

Writer: Jennifer Tremblay. Translator: Shelley Tepperman. Director: Muriel Romanes. Starring: Maureen Beattie. ‘I keep a tight list. Very detailed. I stick to it. Even more so since she died. But I’m having trouble.’ The List is an award-winning story of an isolated woman struggling to establish order over chaos through obsessive list making. When a friend requests a favour she adds it to her list. Remembering to do it becomes a matter of life or death.’Maureen Beattie [gives a] mesmerising and thrillingly unforgiving performance as a woman who cannot forgive herself’( Lyn Gardner, Guardian). www.stellarquines/thelist

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Stellar Quines Theatre Company present: The List

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