Kumail Nanjiani (4 stars)

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Kumail Nanjiani is an American comedian who moved to the US from Pakistan when he was 18 years old. Some of his comedy is about that, most of it is not. Most of his comedy is about the things he loves - video games and horror movies - and the things he's afraid of - loud noises, strangers, horror movies. Ages 16+.

Assembly and Marshall Cordell.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2012 comedy for a fiver

18 Jul 2012

Alan Francis, Catie Wilkins, Dan Mitchell, Ford & Akram, Jen Brister and more

Believe it or not, comedy at the Fringe doesn't need to be expensive. Here are some shows doing discounted previews around the £5 sweet-spot for those of us organised enough to get along early.

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