Stewart Lee – Flickwerk 2011. Work In Progress

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Stewart Lee

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'Gigged with him. Arrogant twat', (Japaneseboy,

'After 35 years as a professional comic you weigh people up pretty good. Lee is a whispering, piggy-eyed, smug, arrogant, arty farty twat’, (Roy,

'Used to go out with my wife’s cousin. He’s a cock', (MrBloefeldt,

'Smug, self-righteous, unfunny prick. Thoroughly unpleasant bloke in real life', (Donuticus,

'Lee is a borderline alcoholic, aggressively taunting and downright insulting society', (Chong Nhu,

'Feel sorry for his wife and son, spending Sunday afternoon with someone who thinks they’re funny', (Dino,

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