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Brutal, heart-breaking and often hilarious, Yen by Anna Jordan explores the relationship between nature and nurture. Bobbie and Hench are home alone in a squalid flat in Feltham, playing PlayStation, streaming porn, watching the world go by. Sometimes their mum Maggie visits, usually with empty pockets and empty promises, but life goes on. Then Jenny shows up. A stunning play that explores how two boys, who have been forced to grow up alone in a world of violence and poverty, experience affection for the first time. How do they react to it? It’s shocking, it’s sad, it’s unmissable.

Yen contains scenes of a sexual nature, violent scenes, sexual violence, partial nudity, and strong language throughout.

Age category: 14+

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26 Aug 20183 stars

A promising combination of energy and thoughtfulness

Much of Yen's forceful dynamism comes from the situation established in the first moments of the play: two brothers, abandoned by their mother, are cooped up together in a single bedroom playing video games and watching hardcore pornography. The…

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