Pie Equals Square (2 stars)

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Pie Equals Square

GT Artistry

A mad inventor applies logic to the absurd and abstract. Distant memories, ideas and images smash together. Surreal scenes and characters push, prod and taunt. We ask: what is irony? Where is sincerity? Who can I believe? Our inventor finds himself in a world where rules have changed and irreverence abounds. Pie Equals Square is a structural feat that constantly evolves and folds in on itself, challenging the timeline of our shared existence. Choreographer Paula Mann's idiosyncratic, whimsical post-modernist movement combined with composer Hans Kruger's soulful sound score provides the perfect counterpoint to our rollercoaster world.

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Pie Equals Square

18 Aug 20182 stars

Light-hearted but lightweight dance from the American Midwest

The company, GT Artistry is the creative brainchild of Gerry Timm. Now in his late 70s, this biomedical engineer, college professor and entrepreneur from the Midwestern American city of Minneapolis apparently loves dance. What's more, the…

Best dance & physical theatre to see at Pleasance, Summerhall and ZOO

31 Jul 2018

Highlights include Infinita, The Troth and Distinction

Move your way over to Edinburgh's Southside because this year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, some of the very best dance and physical theatre shows take place outside the city centre. Pleasance, Summerhall and ZOO all have a packed programme of…

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