Why Even Bother (4 stars)

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Joakim Gunby

In this dark one-man comedy we get a glimpse into the world of Main Character and the everyday struggle of his normal life. Please hold and someone will be with you shortly. The ever-growing apathy of life can feel crushing. Even the best of us will end up asking 'why even bother?’ when faced with Co-Worker and his collection of cat pictures, or when Flatmate greets you with 'we’re out of food. I’ll be in my room watching Amish MILF porn'. This witty exploration of sound and voice-over is created and performed by Joakim Gunby.

Age category: 14+

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Why Even Bother?

15 Aug 20184 stars

Comic Joakim Gunby reflects amusingly on the many voices in his head.

Norwegian Joakim Gunby is, to use a phrase beloved by both critics and FBI profilers alike, 'one to be watched.' He's 26, he's blown a lot of money on acting lessons (£56,000 by his estimate), he's having run-ins with the inland revenue in two…

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1. Colorado Pam24 Aug 2018, 10:38pm5 stars Why Even Bother Report

If you've lived through your twenties or are on your way, you will resonate with this techno-emotional cocktail. It's a tour de force that will leave you with tears in your eyes and a huge appreciation for Gunby's creative talent.

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