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In 2016, Volvo launched their Human Made marketing campaign. New adverts focused on individual human lives. School children. Explorers. Factory workers. Global sales increased by 20%. This is an attempt to do the same. A show about objects. The objects we use. The stories we tell about them. The way we consume them. With live music and video artistry, award-winning YESYESNONO return with [insert slogan here]: a fevered excavation of adverts, objects, memory and identity. 'A moving and bittersweet experience' (Guardian). 'Visionary and unpretentious' ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks). Total Theatre Award Winner.

Flashing Lights, adult images, including some nudity and loud noise

Age category: 14+

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10 Aug 20181 star

A personal love-letter to Volvo and their advertising style

It's a very rare show that encourages a reviewer to dust off a one-star review; even a naked man telling jokes with a chicken under one arm merits a second star by dint of commitment. So what has (insert slogan here) from the YESYESNONO theatre company…

Fringe '18 theatre shows to offend alt-right sensibilities

3 Aug 2018

Theatre editor Gareth K Vile compiles a list of Fringe shows for Paul Joseph Watson to rant over

Paul Joseph Watson is the British reporter for Alex Jones' conspiracy theorist / fake news site InfoWars, where he spews badly reasoned and ill-formed rants across the internet about the threat of women, vegan diets, Marxists, contemporary art and…

Best theatre to see at ZOO Southside and Charteris

31 Jul 2018

Featuring a Glaswegian girl's search for her father, anxious encounters on the Internet and meditations on heroism in the modern age

The diversity of Zoo's theatre programme at this year's Fringe reflects not only its international perspective and stylistic range, but also its exploratory themes of gender, connection, sport and conflict – to name just a few. So hie your way down…

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