In Addition (4 stars)

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In Addition

Orange Skies Theatre

Set in a near-future Britain where healthcare is privatised, a young couple's relationship is quietly pulled apart by an aggressive lack of sleep. A piece of physical theatre with score by YouTuber Christopher 'Bing' Bingham, In Addition realises the spiralling of minute problems in a life without the NHS. 'Powerful… surreal and original' (Eastern Daily Press). Shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2018.

Age category: 12+

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In Addition

22 Aug 20184 stars

A bleak future without the NHS takes a toll on a young couple's relationship

The NHS is universally agreed to be a good thing; politicians fall over themselves to indicate that their party is the one that has the future of the NHS at heart. But what would life be like without it? Orange Skies Theatre offers up In Addition as an…

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