Better Together (3 stars)

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Acá Theatre

Join the three delightful clowns who make waiting for a bus a tragically complicated affair. Tropizo, Doa and Squiggle are on a journey to become best friends. But how do you make real friends in a modern world? Through loneliness and laughter, they learn to cast aside the everyday distractions that stand in the way of what matters most. An acrobatic, slapstick-tastic clown show for the whole family. 'Of all the children's shows… at this year's fringe, I found this the most original and the funniest' (, Brighton Fringe 2017.

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Better Together

10 Aug 20183 stars

Clowning show with a right-on message

The three clowns of Better Together manage, just about, to overcome the problems of a title that is guaranteed to alienate almost half its potential Scottish audience. Although it still has that unpleasant taste of being told what is good for you. A…

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