Elise (3 stars)

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Dixie Fried Theatre in association with Bristol Spotlights

New York, 1962. Beat poet Elise Cowen commits suicide and her family incinerates all but eighty-three of her poems. Elise uncovers the story of this extraordinary poet, intertwining her surviving work with dramatised interviews, revealing the thrilling and hedonistic culture of the Beatniks and the oppressive pressures that cut her life short. Dixie Fried Theatre's moving piece of new writing brings to light the life and legacy of a woman shrouded in Allen Ginsberg's shadow. '[Callis] is a young writer to watch, so watch and listen' (Anna-Maria Murphy 'Tristan & Yseult’ Kneehigh).

Strong language.

Age category: 12+

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19 Aug 20183 stars

Beat poetry's misogyny exposed

Like contemporary geek culture, the beat poets of the 1950s were a counter-cultural movement that failed miserably to address systemic misogyny: the absence of Allen Ginsberg, her former lover and 'mentor' from a post-mortem conversation about Elise…

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