Imran Yusuf: Saint, Sinner, Sufi (4 stars)

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Imran Yusuf / The Stand Comedy Club

Everyone is offended, everyone is a victim, no one is happy. A show for bleeding heart liberals and angry disenfranchised victims. A show for good guys, bad guys and those who know better. Woe is me, the pariah. I am not to blame, that is the fault of others whom serve me to overlook my own faults. A show cognisant of human patterns, taking ownership of my own hypocrisy and realising that we become who we judge. It’s only funny because it’s true.

All seating is unreserved and latecomers may not be admitted.

Age category: 14+

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Imran Yusuf: Saint, Sinner, Sufi

12 Aug 20184 stars

Tackling the big issues in quickfire speed

Finding a lump downstairs (as in the trouser department, not the living room) has made Imran Yusuf evaluate his life so far. Has he really done enough in his 38 years? He initially came to critical attention with his first solo show, An Audience With…

Imran Yusuf: 'I realised both extremes were untenable'

1 Aug 2018

With his coming of middle-age show, the Kenya-born, London-raised comic tackles hypocrisy and judgement and aims to improve the world, bit by bit

There may be a dichotomy between the notion of being a 'saint' and a 'sinner', but for Imran Yusuf, this contrast has gradually become blurred. In reflecting on the last 20 years of his life, he's arrived at the realisation that although he could once…

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