Can’t Stop Can’t Stop (4 stars)

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Sam Does Theatre

A solo theatrical performance by Sam Ross, which aims to convey how it feels to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A much-misunderstood yet debilitating condition, affecting 1.2% of the UK population and manifesting itself in disturbing intrusive thoughts, which compels its sufferers to perform repetitive and exhausting actions. The show follows the development and treatment of Sam’s mental illness, examining the latest scientific understanding about how the illness works, as well as the current state of mental health support in the UK. Ultimately, this is a show about how we cope in ever-unsettling times.

Distressing images and themes of mental health.

Age category: 14+

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Can't Stop Can't Stop

3 Aug 20184 stars

Tough honesty on a personal condition

There are few shows at this year's Fringe that could be rawer or more unflinchingly honest than Sam Ross' at times harrowing examination of his own Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It doesn't make for an easy watch – at times it even feels like the…

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