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Les Enfants Terribles / Pins and Needles

'I took a sh*t on your food, then I vomited on it and then I stamped around in it with my little sticky feet. And all because I don't like you.' In a kill-or-be-killed fight for sanity, one man is determined to conquer his fear of flies, but as darkness falls, what is that ominous hum behind the door? Olivier Award-nominated Les Enfants Terribles (Alice's Adventures Underground) and Pins and Needles (Mr Popper's Penguins) present an absurdist tale that will leave your skin crawling with fear and mind buzzing with excitement. Featuring original music mixed live on stage.

Age category: 12+

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24 Aug 20182 stars

A partial study of extreme phobia

The three performers give their all in a production that never capitalises on its basic premise: a pathological fear of flies suggest a deep anxiety that could be exploring social or personal anguish but it becomes a flimsy excuse for scenes in the…

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