Our Country (4 stars)

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Our Country

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Annie Saunders & Becca Wolff, Wilderness, Aurora Nova, Boat Rocker

'A striking dream world… one of the most ambitious pieces we have ever presented' (Anna Woo, The Getty Villa). California’s marijuana country: the still-Wild West. Annie conducts a forensic exploration of 'the facts' about her outlaw weed farmer brother as this genre-bending work slips into disputed territory: childhood memories. Sleight of hand, athletic virtuosity and a scenic coup de théâtre transform the stage into a dreamscape. Borders between self and other vanish and reappear and small disputes quickly grow violent, recalling younger days: as siblings, as a nation, as a democracy – how far have we really come?

Strong language advisory

Age category: 14+

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Our Country

24 Aug 20184 stars

Guns and weed and responsibility

Our Country is an ambitious journey into the new wild west created by the complex legal status of marijuana farming. Since it is now accepted for medical purposes, there is an industry, but the legal status of the farmers is open to debate, in a…

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