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Holly & Ted

Join Holly and Ted on a fantastical adventure through time and space. Tracy and Val are dinosaurs from different cultures. Aoife is a female astronaut leading a crew of distrusting males. Sarah-Jane and Lou-Ann are two teenage girls just trying to survive Year 10. Polaris explores the normalisation of hatred, toxic masculinity and the violence of language through imagined worlds and beguiling soundscapes that the performers create live on stage. 'Joyfully ingenious' (Stage). 'Fantastic ingenuity… exuberant and engaging storytelling' (GrumpyGayCritic.wordpress.com).

Age category: 12+

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8 Aug 20182 stars

Twee and trite exploration of vital issues

Male privilege, the double standards to which men and women are held, migration, climate change, consent and female empowerment are crucial issues, yet despite their charming presentation, the three tales that make up Polaris lack depth and conclude…

Holly&Ted's Polaris

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