OTOSOTR (4 stars)

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Anatoliy Ogay and Tatyana Kim

A story of one of the 200,000 Koreans who were deported from the Russian-Korean boarder by the Soviet government in 1937. It is an exploration of the life of a Soviet soldier of Korean descent Anatoliy Ogay. This is a journey of a WWII hero who fought Nazis in Berlin in 1945, survived the communist regime in 1991 and preserved his Korean identity throughout his life. This powerful, extraordinary story that is told by his grandson traces his grandfather's life journey through a witty text, multimedia storytelling and contemporary music.

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8 Aug 20184 stars

A show that reveals resonance despite a foreboding appearance

With an indecipherable acronym for a title and an esoteric slice of history framing its narrative, this hardly counts as one of the Fringe's most immediately approachable shows. But be not afraid: OTOSOTR is well worth approaching. Anatoliy Ogay's…

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