The Roaring Boys Will Set You Free (3 stars)

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NB: the Roaring Boys cannot actually set you free from prison. This is more a metaphor for aspiration, corporate lies and stuff. With jokes and songs. The Roaring Boys are creators of recent fringe sensations 'Tim: Against All Odds' (2009) and 'Why We Ate Cliff Richard' (2008). 'Very funny' (Guardian); 'A laugh a minute' (Sun); 'Spot-on musical satire' (Scotland on Sunday); 'Brilliant' (Edinburgh Evening News). Ages: 12+

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Roaring Boys

11 Aug 20103 stars

Enjoyable, surreal character comedians

Armed with a synthesiser, a clutch of angry power ballads, and a hidden weapon (their French song about racist and homophobic grandparents gets the biggest laughs), Danny and Jonny are determined to blow up the studios of The One Show. Ludicrous, slick…

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