Jason Cook: The End (Part 1) (4 stars)

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Are you happy in life? Truly happy? What happens at 'The End'? This year, it's a show of two parts - part two will be performed at next year's Fringe! It's been a big year for Jase - world tours, awards across the globe. Even included in Chortle's 'Top 50 Gigs of the Decade'. Twice. So, come and see 'The End'. This year, it's just the beginning. 'A masterclass in how comedy should be done' ★★★★★ (Time Out). 'More funny in his middle toe than most comics do in their whole body' (Chortle.co.uk). Note: Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult. Ages: 14+

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Jason Cook

11 Aug 20104 stars

Well-crafted, life-affirming stuff

It’s a cliché that comedians just want to be loved, but Jason Cook tries awfully hard to endear himself. Welcoming the audience into The End (Part 1), he lightly teases a few individuals, joshes with a reviewer he recognises and seeks advice and…

Jason Cook draws us the essence of his Fringe show

5 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Jason Cook

This week we’ve persuaded another fine comedian to put pen to board and draw the essence of their show. Jason Cook is one of the few comedians chirpy enough to do a show about death without sounding like a depressed goth tied to a bus stop of pain. He’s…

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