Barockestra: Rocking the Classics (3 stars)

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Barockestra gives you dynamic rock interpretations of familiar classical hits from the past masters - Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and friends. A show-stopping live act combining five great rock musicians, a great, robust, male virtuoso and a stunning female opera soprano, complete with four beautiful ballet dancers. Barockestra's wardrobes are colourful period costumes and the whole ensemble is backed by spectacular projected images. An eclectic mix of rock and classical taking you on a fun-filled, inspiring journey. Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news! Ages: U

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Barockestra: Rocking the Classics

23 Aug 20103 stars

Enthusiastic rock take on well-known classical pieces

Rock interpretations of well-known classical pieces from Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and the like featuring a full rock band, opera singer and ballerinas to give a foot-tapping tour of the greats. Overlaid with a cheesy humour that you could only…

5 Questions - Barockestra

12 Aug 2010

It started off as an idea for an album, now 14 years later rocker Steve Grant and Emmerdale’s Deena Payne have formed a troupe of rock musicians, opera singers and classical dancers to bring Barockestra to life – think Mozart playing an electric guitar…

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