Who's Afraid of the Brothers Grimm (2 stars)

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These are not just fairytales; these are Brothers Grimm fairytales. They have united and aroused the imaginations of old and young for generations. They are passionate, obsessive and undeniably grim. Or are they? This family friendly comedy combines this with The Nightingale and the Rose, Oscar Wilde's beautifully tender short-story of love, desire and startling hollowness to question the power of the happy ending. Fourteen attention-grabbing characters will charm you, disgust you and enthral you in their world and their stories. Youngster? Oldster? Somewhere inbetweenster? With gangsters, princesses, film noir, cellos, perfume, dancing eggs and HanselRumpelGretelPunselCinderDumptyLocks there will be something for you! 'A bright, young talented group equally trigger and inspire the audience's imagination... Children were entranced' 4 stars Three Weeks on the Happy Prince, 2008 'Peculius Stage Company take you on a delightful flight into the imagination' 4 stars British Theatre Guide on The Happy Prince, 2008 'Eggcellent! Eggceptional! A cracking performance! But I'm just an egg...' 5 stars Humpty Dumpty, New Yolk Times

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