Angle of Incidence

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What happens if you lose your reflection? Can you ever find yourself again? After three years of solitary confinement, trapped in the dark with no mirrors, Latimer is finally free. But there's a catch: traumatised and profoundly changed, he has lost his sense of self. His waiting girlfriend and his brother seek reconciliation, and as Latimer searches to regain a lost part of his identity, everyone has to change... but can they? In a production of stunning visuals and optical illusion, Finlay Gall's disturbing and stimulating play Angle of Incidence explores how who we are is entangled with the way we show ourselves to those around us, and the way we see ourselves. Set against a backdrop of light and mirrors, where identities are shifting and substance is illusory, Angle of Incidence will question how you think about yourself. A moving world premiere not to be missed.

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