Patti Plinko and Her Boy (3 stars)

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Entrancing vocals and twisted guitars. A passionate and enthralling performance. Likened to Tom Waits, Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday. Time Out London Critic's Choice. 'A performer whose sheer brilliance leaves you breathless' - **** (Fest Mag). From nun to nurse and now to the dark side of rock'n'roll... Patti Plinko was plucked out of anonymity to critical acclaim for her dark and seductive performance at The World Famous Spiegel Tent at Edinburgh Fringe 2007. Following her one-off performance in 2007, Patti Plinko went on to stun reviewers and audiences alike with her raw and uncompromising delivery of her debut album ‘Dada Noir’ and the introduction of her mysterious gas-mask wearing guitarist ‘The Boy' at Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in 2008. After wracking up numerous 5 stars reviews and a cult following, Patti Plinko and Her Boy then went on to take their satirical fairground of art, sex and death to Dublin Fringe where their single 'Alice' made radio 1 highlight of the week and their performance won the Bosco award for Best International Act. It would be easy for anyone to assume that Patti Plinko is just another singer with a dark tale to tell, but with a voice so raw that it would make the hairs on Nick Cave’s neck stand to attention and the recent revelation that this pint-sized manic chanteuse spent 8 years living in a monastery with limited communication with the outside world, it’s not hard to see why Patti Plinko and Her Boy are whipping up a frenzy in the music world. The nun story 'At 18, disillusioned with the world and society and asking many questions I went into a monastery for a weeks working holiday. I ended up Ordaining as a nun, I remember phoning my mum up in my robes and shaved head from a call box in the village and saying "mum I’ve decided not to return home, I have ordained and have entered the path to enlightenment”. she took it all surprisingly rather well I recall. 'I remained a nun for over 8 years, The vows of ordination were for life but alas my desire for worldly life kept getting stronger. I had actually become affectionately known around the monastery as the "Naughty nun" as I would often be heard singing punk and cabaret tunes around the corridors ha-ha! I do actually remember sneaking out to a Red Hot Chillies gig all the way in London once. It was awesome! Never got caught to this day. Another time I had gone out dressed in all my robes as was the daily wear to had out flyers and books, I stopped off at a tattoo shop and had Buddha written across my belly' No-one could fail to be seduced by the hiss and purr of Plinko’s voice, odes to dismembered corpses and dead husbands only increasing her debauched allure, a vivid dream of maddening, freakish talent. ***** (The Argus) A performance so raw, so gripping, so enthralling. A performer whose sheer brilliance leaves you breathless. Its shows like these that make the Edinburgh festival what it is. If only all gigs could be like this. Welcome to the surreal but utterly wonderful world of the Dada Noir. ***** (Music-News)

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