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Appalling Carly Smallman

6 Aug 20132 stars

Vaguely narcissistic debut hour

With this title, has Carly Smallman failed to be ironic? This debut set started stonkingly well with a song about brotherly incest, but degenerated into marginally twee compositions and skits about the comedian's six-year-old niece. A chance one-liner…

Die Roten Punkte

6 Aug 20133 stars

Endearing Teutonic ‘sibling’ act mix lyrics and harmonies with slapstick and weird burlesque

Whether they are a real sister / brother duo from Berlin is ultimately moot. Drummer Astrid (who brings her own bright red backdrop) is quite magnificent at commanding the stage, while Otto wins the heartstring-tugging vote. They engage us with…

Christian O'Connell: This is 13

5 Aug 20133 stars

Thirteen turns out to this DJ’s lucky number

Debuts are always uncharted waters so you’d be forgiven for approaching radio DJ Christian O'Connell’s show with trepidation. The format of This is 13 suggested a Dave Gorman-style romp through a self-imposed deadline, but the result frequently but…

Eleanor Conway's Midnight Rumble

3 Sep 20124 stars

Conway turns fatigue into an art form in hilarious midnight show

Moving up in the world of Fringe, Conway returns to form with a new format, a new venue and a host of guests hot off the press including wrestling legend Mick Foley, hilarious newcomer Dana Alexander and the pick of the best of rest – from hidden stars…

Ilana Halperin: We Form Geology

30 Aug 20123 stars

Travelling Gallery, various locations around Scotland, Aug-Dec 2012

New York born artist Ilana Halperin collaborates with National Museums Scotland for this travelling show which kicked off on Fri 24 Aug for a three-hour run outside the City Art Centre in Edinurgh, and continues across Scotland throughout the rest of…

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Well, It's Woody

30 Aug 20123 stars

Seamless cabaret night with a programme to savour

Edinburgh legend BBC Pink Tent guest while singing aficionado Woodstock Taylor lures you into a packed piano bar to enjoy an eclectic mix of song, instrumental music, spoken word and comedy. This rather enigmatic lady arrives in dark glasses and hat…

Cambridge Impronauts present 2012: An Improv Oddessy

28 Aug 20122 stars

Enthusiastic but rehearsed improv

Of the glut of improv the 2012 Fringe has brought in, the Cambridge Impronauts’ bright blue boiler suits promised a well-organised stint of audience participation and laughs. The Oxbridge colleges (and Edinburgh’s own university) appear to revel in the…

Künt and the Gang - Free

24 Aug 20123 stars

Against the odds, a stream of filth can only stretch so far

Word of mouth has certainly worked for Künt and the Gang. Stewart Lee and various amused Facebook and YouTube proponents are among those who have been banging the drum and the tightly spaced seating here just about coped. The first thing of note is that…

Giants of Comedy – Darren Walsh, Leo Kearse & Lindsay Sharman

26 Aug 20114 stars

They might be giants, and they're definitely tall

There's a Jurassic Park moment on the approach as the ground starts shaking and concentric rings appear in the pints of the wary audience... and then they arrive: the 3 aptly titled Giants of Comedy. Compering by the comparatively short and extremely…

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Lightning Fields and Photogenic Drawings

25 Aug 20114 stars

Breathtaking exploration of both photography and science

To say that Sugimoto's contribution to the Edinburgh International Festival is striking would be an understatement. This is the first time these works have been displayed in Europe. The Japanese photography pioneer’s huge analogue 'Lightning Fields…

Conway's Time of the Month

24 Aug 20114 stars

Hardeep Singh Kohli, Andi Osho and Imran Yusuf guest at free Edinburgh show

London-based presenter and comedian Eleanor Conway brings her 5 star thighs, the news, and a host of comedy guests to Edinburgh's cosy Space 3 at the Voodoo Rooms. On the platter of entertainment are Hardeep Singh (BBC), Andi Osho (Stand up for the…

Interview: John Byrne

24 Aug 2011

Painter and playwright at 2011 Edinburgh Art Festival

What came first – the art or the writing? It must have been the drawing and the art, because my mother used to tell people that I was drawing in my pram. We have to take her word for it – she was a very honest woman. Do you hold writing and art in…

John Byrne: Moonlight and Music

17 Aug 20114 stars

Major exhibition of works by much-loved Scottish artist

So recent are some of the pieces in this show – timed to coincide with the launch of a biography of the artist by Lund Humphries – that self-portrait ‘Chop Suey’ and Byrne’s children’s book Donald & Benoit: A Story of a Cat and a Boy arrived close to…

Sitting & Looking

28 Jul 20103 stars

Innovative group show offers comfortable, close examination of 21st century objects

At first glance you might be forgiven for thinking you have wandered into an upmarket furniture store. Upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that there are wonders here that far outweigh the trappings of consumerism. Taking a seat to peruse the…