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The Ugly Duckling

4 Aug 20123 stars

Kipper Tie Theatre's charming show proves beauty’s only skin deep

There are some valuable lessons to be learned in this simple yet effective show by Kipper Tie Theatre. Namely that being brave, imaginative and clever is a whole lot more important than being beautiful. Performers Bernie Byrnes and Sally Lofthouse…

Top 5 international dance shows at Fringe 2012

29 Jul 2012

Featuring Latin Live, Hi-Kick, Mother Africa, Rhythmic Circus and Knee Deep

Latin Live The team that brought you Brazil! Brazil! are back, with another hot and steamy show that mixes Latin rhythms, sensational vocals and the kind of dancing they don’t teach you at Sunday school. Assembly Rooms, 0844 693 3008, until 26 Aug…

Top 5 music shows for kids at Fringe 2012

29 Jul 2012

Featuring The BIG Sing-a-long, Flamenco for Kids, Sesame Street and Music Bugs

The BIG Sing-a-long! Back for their third Fringe running, the BIG Project’s Children’s Choir invite you to join in with chart hits and musical mash-ups. St Mark’s artSpace, 228 1155, 4 Aug, 2pm, £6 (£4–£5). Flamenco for Kids Warm up your hands…

Irish company ponydance return to Fringe 2012 with Anybody Waitin'?

27 Jul 2012

The team follow up on their successful 2010 show Where Did It All Go Right?

In August 2010, an Edinburgh nightclub was commandeered for an entirely new use. In some ways, it was business as usual – beer was served, steps were danced and flirtations took place. Only this time, it was performers, rather than clubbers, doing the…

Irish dance company Up & Over It put a fresh spin on the Riverdance template for Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Appeals to both Riverdance lovers and haters

They learned the steps, won the medals, and stood in line with all the other good Riverdance boys and girls. Then one day, Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding decided to break out from that line and do it their way, and Up & Over It was born. Taking an…

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Kipper Tie Theatre return to the Fringe 2012 with kids' show Our Island

27 Jul 2012

Singaporean theatre and slapstick in show tackling xenophobia and religious intolerance

Best known for winning over Fringe audiences with their poo-centred hit show, The Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business, Kipper Tie Theatre are back in Edinburgh with a far more serious subject matter. Set in a mystery location, Our Island…

National Folk Theatre of Ireland to perform What the Folk! at Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

The company merge dance with storytelling in intimate locations

Based in Tralee in County Kerry, the National Folk Theatre of Ireland is keeping traditions alive, by looking to the future. Training performers in music, dance, theatre and song from a young age, it ensures there’s always a new crop of talent rising…

Scamp Theatre bring Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales to life at Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Stage version of hugely successful Julia Donaldson children's book

With so many shows to choose from at the Fringe, it’s always handy when a tried and tested company returns carrying a guarantee of quality. All those who saw Scamp Theatre’s production of Stick Man in 2010 will be pleased to know that the talented…

Tall Stories to perform Julia Donaldson's The Snail and the Whale at Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Stage version of hugely successful children's book

Julia Donaldson’s picture books take pride of place on bedroom shelves around the world. But it’s not until somebody picks them up and reads them, that those clever rhymes come alive. Published in 2004, The Snail and the Whale has been one of…

Children's theatre at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe for a fiver

18 Jul 2012

2012 Edinburgh Festival offers a host of great-value kids show previews

Various venues, Edinburgh, 1–3 Aug Each year, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has more and more shows to tempt families. From theatre pieces to circus shows, you could easily spend three weeks (and a month’s salary) straddling the good-taste line…

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Edinburgh Fringe Theatre 2012 for a fiver

18 Jul 2012

Shows offering discounted previews at 2012 Edinburgh Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Desperate for a big dose of culture but short of the necessary funds? Kelly Apter, James Corlett and Suzanne Neilson pick a selection of Fringe theatre and dance previews, all showing at a venue near you at a price that’s nice.

Interview: Camille O’Sullivan on her 2012 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe shows

11 Jul 2012

Songstress on her ballsy, ballad show hitting Australia and Edinburgh

Camille O’Sullivan is the tireless workhorse and sultry glamourpuss who has Edinburgh in the palm of her hand. Kelly Apter meets the woman who is breaking new ground at this year’s festival

Interview: Laurent Garnier and Angelin Preljocaj at Edinburgh Festival 2012

11 Jul 2012

Producer and choreographer collaborate on And then, one thousand years of peace

‘Laurent Garnier has been making the planet dance for 25 years.’ So states the opening line of the Frenchman’s personal website. While there’s a hint of hyperbole in that statement, it’s fair to say Garnier has filled a few floors in his time. From…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012: Dance highlights

11 Jul 2012

Flash Mob, Rhythmic Circus, What the Folk! and more

Anybody Waitin’? All those who saw Ponydance Theatre Company’s laugh-out-loud funny 2011 Fringe show, Where Did it All Go Right? will be hoping that the Irish troupe hit the spot again this year. Odds on, they will, so don’t miss it. Silk Nightclub…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012: Kids highlights

11 Jul 2012

CBeebies' Andy Day, Tall Stories, Sesame Street Live and more

Andy & Mike’s... Tick Tock Time Machine. Andy and Mike’s 2011 Fringe show, Big Box of Bananas, was a genuinely funny affair that entertained both wee ones and their adult companions. So we’ll expect great things from the CBeebies presenter’s return.

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Scottish Storytelling Festival 2011

20 Sep 2011

21st festival includes Homer’s Odyssey and contributions from Corsica, Cypus and Sardinia

Reaching 21 is a landmark event for everyone, and the Scottish Storytelling Festival is no exception. From fairly humble beginnings at the former Netherbow Theatre, the Festival has grown to encompass not just Edinburgh and Glasgow, but Dundee…

Drought and Rain (Re-creation 2011) at Edinburgh International Festival

24 Aug 2011

Ea Sola dance piece gives voice to the pain of war

In 1995, when Vietnamese choreographer Ea Sola created her original version of Drought and Rain, she cast elderly women who were once dancers in their youth. Due to circumstances – a war raging through their country – the women had swapped dancing shoes…


24 Aug 2011

Ancient dance in a modern era

Studying for ten hours a day, six days a week for six years, the dancers at the Nrityagram school near Bangalore know that to truly absorb Indian classical dance takes time. The first student to emerge from the residential course, Surupa Sen graduated…

EIBF 2011: Christopher Brookmyre adopts subtle pseudonym for latest work - interview

23 Aug 2011

Chris, not Christopher, for Where the Bodies are Buried

When Christopher Brookmyre has three syllables thrown at him, he knows he’s done something wrong. Despite his full first-name appearing on every book jacket since his debut novel in 1997, those around Brookmyre have called him Chris for years. ‘I tend…

Hurry Up and Wait

22 Aug 20112 stars

Clown show that fails to live up to potential

With a parade due any minute, two friends are forced to wait patiently for its arrival. Their stools sit either side of a giant clock – an ever-present reminder that time is passing just too slowly. In a bid to speed it up, these colourful characters…

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Revolting Rhymes

22 Aug 20113 stars

Lively rendition of Roald Dahl tales

The two performers at the helm of this manic hour may be young (one of them had just received their A Level results the day I saw them) but already they’ve honed considerable performance skills. Not only that, they’ve also amassed a considerable…

Jo Nesbø

17 Aug 2011

Crafty Oslo crime scribe brings us his fiendish ’tec

There are many ways to cause a fatality, and crime writers are renowned for finding the most imaginative route to the grave possible. But Norwegian author Jo Nesbø has really outdone himself in his latest novel The Leopard. His serial killer’s…


15 Aug 20114 stars

Inflatable world of fun and relaxation

‘Have we been in here yet?’ said the girl next to me to her friend. It’s an easy mistake to make, the rooms and corridors of Mirazozo are all similar but different and, like a maze, it’s hard to know where you’ve been and where you’re going. This…

Bubblewrap and Boxes

15 Aug 20113 stars

Mayhem in the mail room

Australian company Asking For Trouble has much in its favour in Bubblewrap and Boxes. A set comprised of large, medium and small cardboard boxes, ripe for manoeuvre and exploration; two performers highly skilled in clowning and acrobatics; and a…

Patrick Monahan: Stories And Fairytales Of Travels For Kids Who Dance Like Camels

15 Aug 20113 stars

Comic silliness with a disco beat

In an ideal world, Patrick Monahan would be available every weekend to babysit my children. I doubt they’d get much sleep, but there would certainly be no tears. This amiable comedian, who branched out a few years ago into entertaining younger audience…