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Born to be Mild

22 Aug 20122 stars

Likeable cynic's references fall flat

Lawyer turned comedian and general Mr nice guy Andrew Watts accepts that much of the material in his past shows has surrounded himself and his life as a single man. Recently though, Watts has managed to become romantically involved and despite a deep…

Four Screws Loose

21 Aug 20122 stars

Intelligently conceived highlights rare in show that is largely filler

Sketch show foursome Four Screws Loose set out to find a comedic juxtapose of pantomime-style tomfoolery and the bizarre. The show opens with a music led and flamboyant introduction that, whilst prompting the obligatory audience clap-along, is old…

Barry Castagnola - Where's Barry?

21 Aug 20123 stars

Unique and fresh show with precision timing

Looking at character comedy from an entirely different perspective is 'Where's Barry?' The premise for the storyline is that star of the show Barry Castagnola, having found himself in a tricky situation must rely on a host of acquaintances to take to…

David O'Doherty

21 Aug 20123 stars

Well-executed show on dark times wears thin

Fringe favourite David O'Doherty returns to Edinburgh with his new show show 'Seize the David O'Doherty'. The Irishman, whose appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks catapulted him in to the public eye, fuses a dry and subtle wit, self-depreciating…


21 Aug 20123 stars

Liverpudlian comic is keen to please but able to disturb

Unlike other performers that have descended on Edinburgh throughout the festival, Silky has opted not to plaster his posters around town. Going against the publicity grain, the comedian has instead placed his PR material on the underside of buses; and…

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Iain Stirling

21 Aug 20124 stars

Fresh-faced honesty and natural charisma

Relying primarily on his deep charm, wicked sense of humour and red-hot wit, Iain Stirling possesses all of the born-with-it-or-you’re-not qualities associated with the world’s leading comics. Material in Happy to be the Clown? moves from discussing his…

Discover Ben Target

14 Aug 20124 stars

Prop-heavy, unpredictable riot is a triumph of chaos-masked complexity

Throughout Discover Ben Target the gathered punters are taken on numerous bizarre and wonderful journeys. The first, a figurative express trip from “This is unusual” to “Why-in-shitting-hell-are-we-not-sitting-at-the-back?” to the last; a casual stroll…

Ford & Akram

14 Aug 20123 stars

Warm, charismatic show from the bumbling comedy duo

Female duo Yasmine Akram and Louise Ford sit side by side in silence. As the former beams a radiant smile, the latter glares glumly in to the front row. Embarking on a voyage to fulfill an elderly relatives last request the show consists of a…

Alan Francis

13 Aug 20124 stars

Intelligent discourse on religion, politics and economics from Edinburgher

Alan Francis is a traditional comedian whose intelligent discourse is delivered through a thick Edinburgh accent, despite him now holding residence in London. The routine opens with a light-hearted look back at recent times as Francis bemoans his…

Jo Caulfield: Thinking Bad Thoughts

11 Aug 20123 stars

An accessible but overly safe let-down

Perhaps it is with a more mature audience in mind – a glance around the room suggests this may not be far off the mark – but there’s something very traditional about Edinburgh resident and Fringe veteran Jo Caulfield’s style of comedy. Returning once…

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Rachel Stubbings is Stubbing Out Problems

11 Aug 20123 stars

Character comedy based on an agony aunt adept at causing pain

If the words of Rachel Stubbings are to be believed then a combination of charm, people skills and general awesomeness is all that is required to remedy even the most deeply rooted personal torment. And she possess all three. In Stubbing Out Problems…

The Pin

11 Aug 20124 stars

Layered sketch comedy from ex-Footlighters Ben Ashenden, Mark Fiddaman and Alex Owen

The beauty of sketch comedy lies within its potential to bring together the two worlds of theatre and comedy with the aim of creating something far larger and more consuming. With such limitless opportunity though comes great risk: a bombed gag, an…

Danny Buckler: The Phantom

7 Aug 20123 stars

Magician-cum-comedian comes to Fringe in charming new guise

Having performed as a magician in previous years, Danny Buckler returns to Edinburgh in a very different guise. Born and raised in Woking, Buckler details the trials of growing up in a town that is less than welcoming to anyone pursuing a life as a…

Charlie Baker: Freshly Baked

7 Aug 20122 stars

Flashes of wit do not save show short on good material

Exploding out of the blocks like Michael Mcintyre after a parma violet binge, 'Charlie Baker Freshly Baked' causes the audience members emotions to flitter between moments of slight irritation to sustained periods of downright annoyance. Whilst an…

David Longley: My Favourite Things

5 Aug 20123 stars

The cynical comic is unafraid to explore dark and unlikely comedic avenues

Getting things started with a brief chat about cognitive dissonance, quantum mechanics and his youngest son it is difficult to see how David Longley has gained a reputation as a fearless comic with severely blurred lines of acceptability regarding…

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Joel Dommett

3 Aug 20124 stars

Wicked delivery and dark edge

Joel Dommett returns to Edinburgh with an outstanding new show in which he discusses in fine detail his trials and tribulations of trying to get even with a high school bully after the perpetrator contacts him via Twitter. As the victim of bullying…

Rob Beckett's Summer Holiday

3 Aug 20123 stars

Solid, sometimes awkward comedy

Hailing from Lewisham, Rob Beckett lets us venture in to the life of a working class comedian living in the south east. Depicting an upbringing of You've Been Framed and potato waffles, Beckett regales the audience with obscure tales of his childhood…

A writer's guide to Fringe journalism – A view from the other side

24 Aug 2011

Behind the scenes at the Edinburgh festivals

Walking around Edinburgh during the month of August is an experience that will stay with you long after the festival crowds have abandoned the capital's streets and returned to whence they came. Areas of the city normally quiet and empty are transformed…

Kerry Godliman - Wonder Woman

23 Aug 20113 stars

Laugh-a-minute routine with warm charisma and attitude to match

Marauding seamlessly through discussions on motherhood, ambition and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a comic actress who possesses warm charisma and an attitude that complements her onstage persona as a middle-of-the-road Englishwoman. However, with this…

Tom Deacon

17 Aug 20113 stars

Slow-burning quasi hard-hitting hour

Recognised more these days for his Sunday night slot at Radio 1 than his stand-up comedy, Tom Deacon puts a face to a familiar voice in his performance with his show Can I Be Honest? Starting slowly, Deacon improves as the hour progresses with him…

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Luke McQueen

16 Aug 20113 stars

Off-the-wall randomness with a smile

Charming the audience with a quirky sense of humour and a big smile is McQueen. With content comparable to that of established randomist Ross Noble, his style is off-the-wall and stylistically rough around the edges while his self-deprecating and…

Craig Hill

15 Aug 20114 stars

Strong performance from the seasoned Fringe comic

Veteran comedian Hill returns with his latest batch of material performed with the same high-octane attitude that led him to be one of the most recognised faces in Scottish comedy. Ensuring that nobody is safe, Hill’s wicked sense of humour is hidden…

Gemma Goggin

15 Aug 20111 star

Comedy show that fails to develop

Goggin gives a show about breasts, breasts and breasts. While the primary topic of discussion in a performance titled Double G does not come as a surprise, there’s a lack of depth in material and little in the way of quality content in a show that…

Improvised Plays from Austin, Texas

15 Aug 20113 stars

None-more-Fringe performance from American improv quartet Parallelogramophonograph

Capturing the true spirit of the Fringe is this US improv four-piece. Beginning the show by asking an audience member to pick words from a book at random and thus setting the theme for the performance, the outfit maintain a charismatic warmth throughout…

Aidan Bishop

14 Aug 20113 stars

The New York-based Irishman takes sweet revenge on his childhood torments

After being dismissed as unintelligent and lazy his entire childhood, New Yorker Bishop is clearly still harbouring a great deal of resentment towards those who contributed to his misery as a dyslexic youth in the 80s. Bishop combines a bitter attitude…