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An Invitation

20 Aug 20144 stars

Jo Fong’s free-flowing participation-improvisation is a morning glory

The audience and five dancers, including the show’s creator Jo Fong, sit either side of a brightly-lit performing area. Fong’s playfully risky, informal yet active premise is that we’ve either just seen or been in a performance, and this is the…


20 Aug 20142 stars

Contemporary dance/hip hop meets indoor parkour in unexciting quartet

Presented as part of the Welsh Dance Strand, Sandra Harnisch-Lacey’s quartet combines elements of contemporary dance and hip hop with an indoor version of parkour. The latter element is thanks to two wheeled ramps that the dancers (three men and one…

Icarus Falling

18 Aug 20144 stars

Physical theatre meets performance poetry in strong solo from Australian performance poet

’I am all words and nothing more,’ or so declares the aptly-named Australian performance poet Scott Wings at the start of this strong, concentrated solo show. He’s speaking in character as Icarus, the lad from Greek mythology whose manufactured…

Starchild: The Little Prince Reborn

15 Aug 20143 stars

Physical theatre with an Asian touch based on classic Antoine de Saint-Exupéry tale

As demonstrated by this likeable, if occasionally meandering, adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s world-famous fable, Shanghai-based ex-pat theatre company Urban Aphrodite International use drama and movement styles derived from influential…

Kurakuraw Dance Glass Bead

12 Aug 20143 stars

Elegant Taiwanese dance and music performance blends East and West

This is the most refined of the four dance productions in the Taiwan season split between Dance Base and Summerhall. It’s the work of Tjimur, a company jointly run by siblings Baru and Ljuzem Madiljin and described as Taiwan’s ‘first and best-known…

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Black Grace

10 Aug 20144 stars

Galvanising introduction to one of New Zealand’s finest at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

'Mighty impressive' would be among the first things to say about this collage of excerpts from the work of the Samoan choreographer Neil Iermia. Next would come words like dynamic, layered and propulsive. Black Grace was founded nearly two decades…

Circus Incognitus

9 Aug 20144 stars

Jamie Adkins' old-school street-to-stage clowning works a treat at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Jamie Adkins’ mastery as an all-round entertainer is predicated not only on a pretty prodigious set of skills – juggling, clowning, the slack wire and so on – but also on how relaxed he is when employing any of them. He starts the show in darkness…

The Sake

9 Aug 20143 stars

Multimedia circus take on Japan’s national drink, performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A weird one, this, but not without a certain off-kilter appeal. Produced by the ‘entertainment brand’ DEN, this wacky-tacky cross between quasi-ceremonial cultural celebration and flashy multimedia circus spectacle is all in honour of Japan’s national…


4 Aug 20143 stars

Fresh, likeable Edinburgh Festival Fringe dance debut from young male circus school grads

Meet the members of the all-male Barely Methodical Troupe. Winners of Circus Maximus, the UK’s first circus competition, they handily come in three sizes: small (Beren D’Amico), medium (Charlie Wheeller) and large (Louis Gift). The contrast works…

Dirty Decadence 

4 Aug 20142 stars

Overheated Edinburgh Festival Fringe dance-drama about filthy rich young adults

The cast of director-choreographer Benjamin Seward’s modern ballet manage to suggest some of the hormonal drive of posh young things who abuse their privileged status by indulging in any and every whim. Mainly that means booze and sex – a few of the…

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Éowyn Emerald and Dancers

4 Aug 20144 stars

Contemporary Edinburgh Festival Fringe dance performance that never values style over substance

What a surprise and pleasure it was to come upon this small but gifted company from Portland, Oregon. Eowyn Emerald Barrett has crafted an unpretentious and pretty seamless 50-minute collage of dances with considerable care. Her choreographic signature…

Award-winning dance show Athletes set for 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

29 Jul 2014

Unconventionally beautiful choreography by Riccardo Buscarini to great Hitchcock score

This beautiful, unconventional trio by Riccardo Buscarini won the 2013 Place Prize, a London-based gong sometimes described as the UK dance equivalent of the Turner Prize. It’s a strange, striking work featuring females encased in tight, white…

Contemporary dance group Black Grace set for series of performances at 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

29 Jul 2014

UK debut combines traditional Samoan fa'ataupati slap dance with Western choreographic techniques

Founded by choreographer Neil Ieremia in 1995, Black Grace draws upon Ieremia’s roots as a New Zealand-born Samoan for many of its themes and much of its style. His aim with the company is to create work accessible enough ‘so that someone who knows…

Fusion dance show Tabularasa set for 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

29 Jul 2014

Young Birmingham dance-maker thinks outside the box using Angolan kizomba dance in innovative way

A sensual, athletic mix of African and contemporary dance, this 40-minute performance from Keneish Dance springs from choreographer Keisha Grant’s interest in how people function and connect to others. ‘Relationships, work and pleasure motivated it. But…

A Simple Space

21 Aug 20134 stars

Up-close acrobatic thrills from Australian company Gravity & Other Myths

Hailing from South Australia, Gravity & Other Myths is a wonderfully strong, fit young company who want the audience to be close enough to see the pleasurable prowess, and the occasional strains or tensions, underlying their acrobatic games.

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CIRCA: Wunderkammer

9 Aug 20134 stars

Guaranteed thrills in hot circus show

Wunderkammer has to be the flat-out sexiest of all the circus-theatre shows running rampant on this year’s Fringe. Created by Circa, an Australian company at the forefront of innovative circus performance worldwide, it’s an amalgam of amazing acrobatic…

What is the Weight of Your Desire

9 Aug 20134 stars

Czech females in fresh feminist mode

VerTeDance’s female quartet, one of a trio of movement-based productions from the Czech Republic at this year’s Fringe, is a fine example of how a fresh, committed approach to familiar material pays off. Audience members are playfully weighed as…

MurleyDance Double Bill

4 Aug 20132 stars

Lunch-time balleticism needs more seasoning

Classical dance (served here with an occasional arch twist) is such a rarity on the Fringe that I wish I’d derived more pleasure from this ambitious and rather Matthew Bourne-ish programme than I did. Not that there aren’t notable moments – or…


4 Aug 20134 stars

Italian performance art absurdities work a treat

The programme at Dance Base is never short of odd but welcome surprises, and 2013 is no exception. The biggest one this Fringe is this delightfully dead-pan dose of neo-vaudevillian post-modern absurdity from the young experimental Italian company…

Russian-born dancer Olga Kosterina brings Dilemma to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Solo journey along the path of life by Russian-born Fringe novice choreographer

As an erstwhile champion gymnast, ballerina, pantomime and circus artiste and now award-winning solo theatre-maker, Russian-born Fringe novice Olga Kosterina might know a thing or two about how to face a dilemma creatively. Of her show, Dilemma, she…

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Sluts of Possession brings some extreme physicality to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Sound, vision and physicality from Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto

Driven by what she calls ‘a deep desire to try to understand the human condition in new ways, and how meaning can be explored through the body as well as through language’, Rosie Kay is transforming herself into a possessed slut. Sluts of Possession…

Juilliard School bring upcoming dance stars to Edinburgh International Festival

17 Aug 2012

High profile American dance institution set for Playhouse performance

Each August scores of budding artists, many still studying their craft, flock to Edinburgh to test their performance mettle in what even die-hard professionals might regard as a dauntingly competitive market. It’s these same young people – a few of…

Dance icon Deborah Colker brings Tatyana to 2012 Edinburgh International Festival

6 Aug 2012

Brazilian choreographer brings show based on Pushkin's Eugene Onegin to Edinburgh

When you approach the latest dance production by trailblazing, Olivier Award-winning Brazilian choreographer Deborah Colker, please jettison clichés of samba, sun and surf. The small, blonde dynamo, 52 this year, is hugely popular in her native country…

Minnesota-based dance company Rhythmic Circus present Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!

29 Jul 2012

Described as ‘a cross between a dance show, a rock concert and a comedy hour,’ the Minnesota-based Rhythmic Circus is back for a full run after just one week at the 2011 Fringe. Featuring four hard-hitting, rapid-fire dancers and original…

Australian company Casus bring physical performance Knee Deep to Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Festival show takes gymnastics and feats of strength to new level

How do you assemble a circus show when those involved are all busy with projects abroad? Skype’s fine for generating ideas, says Jesse Scott of Casus, but this newly-formed Australian company’s inaugural show, Knee Deep didn’t begin to find its legs…