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Pigmalion Zoo

22 Aug 20132 stars

Disappointing absurdist piece exploring family, advertising and religion

Set in a surreal world, where an unnamed God of unknown denomination has been found dead in a Sainsbury’s car park, OLTA’s Pigmalion Zoo delves into a world where advertising and reality TV hold the power, and where gods can be made and destroyed simply…

The Three Lions

21 Aug 20134 stars

A satirical stab at the power of politics, celebrity and notoriety

Set in a hotel in Zurich in December 2010, William Gaminara’s The Three Lions presents an imagined account of what happened during England’s failed bid for the 2018 World Cup. However, the focus of this piece isn’t on the politics of the bid but on the…

Holes by Tom Basden

20 Aug 20133 stars

New comedy that suffers from a crisis of identity

A Plane crash, office politics and the fate of mankind are just three of the themes that litter Tom Basden’s Holes, a new comedy that maroons a bunch of misfits on a deserted island. But, while it begins as a comedy, it soon gives way to something much…

Boris & Sergey II Perilous Escapade

16 Aug 20134 stars

The Balkan bad boys go straight to Hell in this unmissable comedy sequel

After the dramatic finale of their previous adventure, Boris & Sergey II Perilous Escapade, accompanies the infamous brothers on an unforgettable journey to the underworld that tests their unique brotherly bond to its limit. A mixture of physical…

[Title of Show]

16 Aug 20134 stars

Upbeat meta musical about the realities of creating a Broadway production

The trials and tribulations of a group of young performers in New York form the basis of the UK premiere of Patch of Blue’s [Title of Show]. Written in just three weeks for the New York Musical Theatre Festival, this 'musical about two guys writing a…

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It’s Dark Outside

6 Aug 20134 stars

Mesmerising adventures in a surreal shadow world

Perth Theatre Company, the team behind the award-winning Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer present another dark theatrical adventure. Comprised of animation, dance, live action, shadows and puppetry, It’s Dark Outside takes the audience on a mesmerising…


5 Aug 20133 stars

Tap Tap Theatre deliver thought-provoking analysis of abuse from many different angles

The complexities of the human condition and the real cost of abuse and manipulation are near perfectly realised in Miriam Battye’s Men, the latest piece from Bristol’s Tap Tap Theatre. Directed by Theo Scholefield, this piece brings a realistic…


5 Aug 20134 stars

Medieval morality meets 21st century hijinks from Splendid Productions

What happens when you bring a new adaptation of the 15th century morality play, which explores themes of death to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? Well, many things can happen when Splendid Productions bring their new…

Planet Lem

21 Aug 20123 stars

Sci-fi spectacle is impressive to watch but lacking in story

Based on the science fiction stories of the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, Teatr Biuro Podrozy’s new outdoor extravaganza, Planet Lem, presents the tale of a nightmarish dystopia, where machines rule people and people are completely reliant on machines…

The Shit / La Merda

17 Aug 20124 stars

Howl of human emotion makes for unforgettable theatre

Raw, touching, intelligent and mesmerising, Cristian Ceresoli’s The Shit is an unforgettable piece of theatre that reveals our universal inner thoughts, fears, desires and memory with almost frightening accuracy. Comprised of a powerful and…

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Rubies in the Attic

17 Aug 20124 stars

Inspired and uplifting cabaret-style show

Ancestry, lineage and belonging form the basis of The Ruby Dolls’ Rubies in the Attic, an invigorating and fun piece of theatre. Comprised of music, close harmony singing, puppetry and physical theatre, this show uses each Doll’s family history to chart…

MacBeth in Scots

16 Aug 20123 stars

Dark and unsettling new take on a classic

While referred to as ‘The Scottish Play’ in theatrical circles, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a tale of ruthless ambition and the rise and fall of a tyrant has never been adapted for, or performed in, Scots. Robin Lorimer’s new version, which gives the Bard’s…

Desperately Seeking the Exit

13 Aug 20124 stars

Witty and painfully honest one-man show

The birth, death and resurrection of a jukebox musical form the basis of self-confessed ‘Angloholic’ Peter Michael Marino’s new one-man show, Desperately Seeking the Exit, directed by John Clancy. Chronicling the creation, destruction and resurrection…

Bedtime Stories

3 Sep 20093 stars

A fun tribute to an essential piece of furniture

One double bed and nine darkly comic vignettes form the basis for this show, which has returned to Edinburgh with a brand new cast. A talented team deliver stories as diverse as a stressed bed salesman, to an unbelievably embarrassing one night stand…

Ward No. 6

3 Sep 20094 stars

Entertaining and tragic adaptation of Chekov's work

Chekhov’s classic tale of insanity and ruthless ambition is brought to the stage in this slick and energetic interpretation by DogOrange. Highly physical and original, this adaptation is both entertaining and tragic as the concepts of alienation and the…

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Warehouse 364

3 Sep 20091 star

Clichéd and flat

A case of mistaken identity leads a part time prostitute to the doors of Warehouse 364, a place where ‘good things happen to bad people.’ Clichéd and flat from the very beginning, this piece is let down by its underdeveloped and repetitive plot.  This…

The Bone House

27 Aug 20094 stars

No sleep tonight

The cult celebrity of serial killers and the average person’s ability to become one is the subject of this new horror play by Marty Chan that questions our fascination with the macabre. Beginning as an informal lecture by self professed ‘Mind Hunter…

Cabaret Whore

27 Aug 20094 stars

Sex, revenge and Katie Price

The themes of sex, revenge and Katie Price are just some of the topics tackled in Sarah-Louise Young’s all female cabaret show. Performed with passion from the very beginning, Young’s interchanging characters - Southern belle, socially inept librarian…


27 Aug 20093 stars

Raw and powerful from the very beginning

Royal Holloway Theatre’s restaging of Sarah Kane’s penultimate play explores four characters disillusioned with life due to excess, abuse and loneliness. Raw and powerful from the very beginning, Kane’s fluid, poetic script dominates a piece that makes…

I'll Be Bert

27 Aug 20093 stars

Funny and touching one man show

Hero worship and unwavering loyalty are faithfully remembered in this funny and touching one man show by Bill Cronshaw. Charting his lifelong devotion to Manchester City FC, this piece recalls life in 50s Manchester by focusing on Cronshaw’s childhood…

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The One and the Many

26 Aug 20092 stars

Cliched and repetitive philosophical rom-com

An ill-advised trip to a massage parlour leads to the discovery of the mysterious ‘virgin whore of Prague’ in this philosophical rom-com. The concept of a successful virgin prostitute is just one of several twists in a show that attempts to question…

52 Man Pickup

23 Aug 20094 stars

Party games and sexual history from Desiree Burch

Party games are combined with a refreshing honesty and unbelievable energy, as acclaimed American comedienne, Desiree Burch, chronicles her complete sexual history in this one woman show. Fast-paced and funny, Burch leaves nothing to the imagination as…

Cry From Underground (Tell Me Your Name)

23 Aug 20093 stars

Dostoyevsky-inspired play plunges the depths of desperation

Themes of alienation and exploitation form the basis of this play, based on Dostoyevsky’s Notes From Underground. Here a disillusioned man and a trafficked prostitute find each other in their search for a better life. Overly long and difficult viewing…

King of the Gypsies

23 Aug 20094 stars

The history of a persecuted people

The headlines and stereotypes surrounding the travelling community are questioned in this piece that squeezes a millennia worth of Romani history into just over one hour. Beginning with the community’s uncertain origins, centuries of persecution…

The Critic

23 Aug 20092 stars

R.B. Sheridan's final farce fails to translate

The absurdity of passing fashions and the constraints of bourgeois society form the basis of R.B Sheridan’s final farce, written in 1779. While parody is still popular, this production, although performed by a young and able cast, is let down by its age…