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The Factory

9 Aug 20143 stars

Fun musical theatre piece with an edge of social consciousness, staged at the Edinburgh Fringe

Presented here as part of the NZ at Edinburgh showcase season, this fun musical theatre piece hits the right note both in terms of its light-hearted musical tone and its packaging of a slice of New Zealand's social history, which is doubtless largely…

The Factory

21 Aug 20084 stars

Vivid Holocaust journey

'They came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.' Attributed to Martin Niemöller, this sentiment comes to mind during Badac Theatre's disturbing and compelling reconstruction of the death journey of so many of Hitler's final…

The Factory

14 Aug 20082 stars

Multi-media battle against consumerism

After last year's engaging Druthers, Precarious' blunt economic parable is disappointing. While their approach - fusing rough-hewn choreography, jittery multi-media and over-blown speech - is fascinating, the Fringe atmosphere exposes The Factory as…

The Factory

31 Jul 2008

Theatrical technology

A questioning of human nature and love of technology has defined Bristol-based company Precarious in recent years. Both Junction 8 and Druthers explored aspects of ourselves we’d sometimes rather forget, and presented them in a cutting-edge fashion. Now…

War and Conflict

31 Jul 2008

Theatre of war

There’s always a profit to be made from war. The black market proved lucrative during World War II for the sale of rationed chocolate, coffee and cigarettes, while oil companies such as Halliburton have been kept ticking over nicely by the recent…