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23 Aug 2009

Room on the Broom Julia Donaldson’s popular storybook is transformed into a wonderful stage production by Tall Stories, complete with catchy songs, superb acting and a truly magnificent broom. Five stars. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 31…

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10 Aug 2009

The best kids shows from the festival

Andy and Mike’s … Big Box of Bananas This comedic hour from CBeebies presenter, Andy Day and his equally daft pal, Mike is packed to the rafters with silliness. Merriment and mayhem that’s quite literally for all the family. Pleasance Courtyard…

Room on the Broom

9 Aug 20095 stars

Musical storybook adaptation hits the right note

The coming together of Tall Stories theatre company and children’s author Julia Donaldson has already proved itself to be a winning formula, with the hugely popular Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child. There’s no obvious route for taking Donaldson’s enjoyable…

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30 Jul 2009

Our pick of shows for the little festival goer to enjoy

Andy and Mike's Big Box of Bananas, Giraffes Can't Dance,Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom, Room on the Broom, Wind in the Willows, Patrick Monahan's Stories and Fables for Kids that like to sit at Tables!

Room on the Broom

30 Jul 2009

If it’s innovative storytelling, great characterisation and witty dialogue you’re after, then Tall Stories theatre company should tick all your requisite boxes. The same could easily be said of children’s writer, Julia Donaldson – so it’s great to see…

Tall Stories - Room on the Broom

13 Jul 2009

Dramatisation of Julia Donaldson's tale of an overloaded broomstick

No matter how many books she writes, Julia Donaldson will always be synonymous with one thing: The Gruffalo. Similarly, regardless of their many innovative productions, Tall Stories will remain eternally linked with one show: The Gruffalo. But there’s…