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The Hibrow Hour

17 Aug 2014

Multi-media arts for smart audiences including Alison Jackson and Jonny and the Baptists

The Hi-Brow Hour, which takes over an afternoon slot at Summerhall for the third week of the Fringe, is more inclusive than the average show. Not only are the individual events be recorded, they are being streamed on BBC Arts Online and shown at Odeon…

Sketch duo Cardinal Burns make a welcome return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

13 Aug 2014

Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns, having garnered telly success, are coming back to live comedy

It was way back in the dry sands of historical time, 2009 to be precise, that Cardinal Burns first made their way into the public’s psyche. Their 2009 show in the titchy Pleasance Attic (where everyone from the little known Katy Wix, Anna Crilly and…

Edinburgh Book Fringe - Elaine Henry interview

12 Aug 2010

The owner of Word Power Books answers five questions

Why did you set up the Edinburgh Book Fringe in the first place? To give local writers, small publishers and writers outwith the mainstream the sort of voice or platform they wouldn’t get access to during the festival period. Can you describe the…

Andrew O'Hagan's novel looks set to be turned into a feature film

5 Aug 2010

The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, And of His Friend Marilyn Monroe

The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, And of His Friend Marilyn Monroe is not your run-of-the-mill contemporary novel, and not just because the eponymous first-person narrator is an aristocratic Maltese terrier with Trotskyist tendencies, owned by the…

Andi Osho bring Fringe debut Afroblighty to Edinburgh

29 Jul 2010

Multi-talented comedian has fingers in many pies

We’re hoping that Andi Osho isn’t going to be spotted twiddling her thumbs on the Royal Mile as she’s only performing the one show at the Fringe. Outside of the festival she has her fingers poked in more pie varieties than a Greggs bake. Osho’s a…

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Combat Models: Jackboots on Whitehall

2 Jun 2010

If you only see one puppet-based, all-star World War II comedy epic at this year’s EIFF, it surely has to be Jackboots on Whitehall, the long-gestated project of the McHenry brothers, Ed and Rory. Set in an alternative universe where Nazis have…

Ugly Truths: The Dry Land

2 Jun 2010

‘I’m not a professional expert in post-traumatic stress disorder,’ says Ugly Betty star America Ferrera. On the strength of the popular fashion-industry sitcom, few would have any expectations that the LA-born actress would have much flair for examining…

Die Laughing: Bored To Death

2 Jun 2010

Jonathan Ames is a writer of books, graphic novels, movie scripts and TV shows. He’s just finished a HBO comedy series called Bored To Death which follows a fictional writer and magazine journalist who, finding himself dumped by his girlfriend and…

Unicorn Kid and Young Fathers

7 Aug 2009

The man with the horn

He may wear a lion hat and be named after a fantasy creature, but with the Pet Shop Boys, Calvin Harris and a belting set at T on his side, Unicorn Kid is set to make myth a reality. The Lion and the Unicorn have long been heralded as hostile beasts.

Magnus Mills

7 Aug 2009

Magnus Mills A London cabbie once won Mastermind, so why on earth can’t a bus driver write novels? The subtle tales of working life such as The Restraint of Beasts and All Quiet on the Orient Express have earned Magnus Mills great acclaim and his…