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5 questions: Potted Potter and Potted Pirates

16 Aug 2009

With two high-speed shows on the go, David and John, stars of Potted Potter and Potted Pirates whiz through our 5 Questions. Give 5 reasons why people should see your shows They’re funny; interactive; action packed; have music; and are themed…

Potted Pirates

14 Aug 20085 stars

Hilarity on the high seas

Sensible pirate devotee Jeff just wants to give a serious, educational lecture about famous pirates. His crewmate Dan, while also a fellow fan of all things swashbuckling, has a different approach. An enthusiast of the Jack Sparrow variety of privateer…

Best of the rest - Kids shows

22 Jul 2008

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Gruffalo. Mouse can scare hungry animals away with tales of the terrifying Gruffalo, but what happens when he comes face to face with the very creature he imagined? Potted Pirates. From the good people who brought you Potted Potter comes this…