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Borderline Racist

19 Aug 20103 stars

A humorous discourse on xenophobia

We all know what the Scots think of English, what the English think of the French, and what everybody thinks of Americans. This systematic slagging off of your neighbours is a tradition that exists worldwide; in this show, comedian Paul Kerensa explores…

Paul Kerensa

21 Aug 20082 stars

Failing the great playlist challenge

Although lots of love and forward planning have clearly gone into Paul Kerensa’s show, his fuddy duddy, granny-friendly material taints the brighter, more likeable stuff. Taking his cue from Dave Gorman, he designed a show around a comedy challenge by…

Wearing well - crazy clobber for comedic purposes

31 Jul 2008

The Pajama Men are not the only ones who are putting on crazy clobber for comedic purposes. Brian Donaldson reveals some other Fringe comics who’ve had a wardrobe malfunction. The show by Mark Allen is about his uneasy relationship with animals and…