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Matt Green - Alive

22 Aug 20133 stars

Seasoned pro on the matter of death

Matt Green is almost amazed still to be alive. When he reads out the official list of how many people in the UK died from certain causes last year (everything from falling down stairs to bee stings), it certainly makes you pause for thought (and…

Interview: Richard Herring and Matt Green on their 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows about life and death

13 Aug 2013

The two comedians discuss their respective shows We're All Going To Die and Alive

Richard: Hello, Matt. Matt: Hello, how are you? Richard: I'm good. How are you? Matt: Pretty well. Richard: How's your show coming together? Matt: It's going all right. Richard: Your show's about … being alive? Matt: Yeah. It’s called Matt Green: Alive…

Matt Green

24 Aug 20093 stars

Hard to fault any specific aspect of his act

Green's material is fine. His delivery is fine. It's hard to fault any specific aspect of his act. Yet the fine whole flatly refuses to be more than its parts' sum. Eagerness to please moves him to defang his more interesting, darker stuff with giggles…

Edinburgh Festival comedy highlights for a fiver

15 Jul 2009

Ooh, a Fringe in a credit crunch. It’ll be interesting times for all this year, but if you get in quick you can catch some of the best acts in exchange for a mere fiver. We’ve selected fifty of the finest shows you can see for the price of a…

Matt Green

7 Aug 20083 stars

Observational notes and familial anecdotes on the theme of childishness are all bound up in a neat structure that ties the strands together and tucks the ends in. Genial and self-aware, Green's manner and material is wholly inoffensive, which means…

Wearing well - crazy clobber for comedic purposes

31 Jul 2008

The Pajama Men are not the only ones who are putting on crazy clobber for comedic purposes. Brian Donaldson reveals some other Fringe comics who’ve had a wardrobe malfunction. The show by Mark Allen is about his uneasy relationship with animals and…