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Kiosk of Champions!

18 Aug 20092 stars

Deliberately flimsy sketches about pirates, cops and zombies

It’s ‘boysy’ humour, says Stuart Goldsmith, pointing out that their deliberately flimsy sketches are about pirates, cops and zombies. Goldsmith is ‘pretty’ and Richard Sandling is ‘fat’, he explains, pointing out their similarities to Corden and Horne.

Kiosk of Champions

29 Jul 2009

The words ‘Horne’ and ‘Corden’ have struck terror into those preaching good things about young comedy in this country. But Stuart Goldsmith, the Scottish National Busking Champion of 2001, sees some positives oozing out of this pus-riddled BBC3…

Kiosk of Champions

21 Aug 20084 stars

Knockabout fun from undynamic duo

Describing themselves at the upshot as the ‘conquerors of comedy’ and ‘buccaneers of wit’, Richard Sandling (he of VHS: Death to DVD Fringe fame) and Stuart Goldsmith (he’s toured with Mark Watson, you know) have managed to cobble together the most…