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The theatre shows to look out for at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

9 Jun 2011

Dance Marathon, Ten Plagues and Tuesdays at Tescos among highlights

As ever the theatre programme of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe is overflowing with keen ideas, exciting stories and risk-taking. The Traverse Theatre maintains its position as the beating heart of the Fringe, with Dominic Hill’s final programme…

Edinburgh Fringe Festival comedy shows to look out for in 2011

9 Jun 2011

Margaret Cho, Todd Barry and Imran Yusuf among 2011 ones to watch

Down List way, we’ve just about recovered from the devastating news that there will be no sign this year of Bo Burnham, Jonny Sweet, Tommy Tiernan or Pappys. But if you think that kind of comedic void can be filled by this year’s galaxy of acts, then…

How to find work at the Edinburgh Festival 2011

3 Jun 2011

How to find a job at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

Thousands of people descend upon Edinburgh at this time of year for the start of festival season and now is the time to begin your search for a job within the buzzing excitement. In a study carried out last year it found that 71% of volunteers had an…

Domino Records host Edinburgh International Film Festival event

27 May 2011

Event aims to showcase effective combination of music and film

A good advert can, sometimes, sell more than jeans, or alcohol, or cars. Think of the 1999 number one song, 'Flat Beat', which gained enormous popularity after a puppet called Flat Eric danced to it in a Levi’s advert. Levi’s shifted their jeans, the…

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011: The rough guide

27 May 2011

What you need to know about this year's festival

1 The festival has a new artistic director, James Mullighan, who is from Adelaide. Previously he ran the independent filmmakers’ network Shooting People and was a journalist. He says: ‘Throughout its history [the Festival] has been provocative…

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EIFF 2011 - Five to try: Conflict and Reportage

27 May 2011

Our picks for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's outsider strands

Conflict and Reportage Frontline Club: Martin Bell presents Salvador Broadcasting and politics’ ‘man in the white suit’ says of this event: ‘I tend to walk out of films about wars that I reported on. I walked out of Oliver Stone’s Salvador when I…

EIFF 2011 - Five to try: Nokia Shorts Weekender

27 May 2011

Our picks for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's outsider strands

Vice TV Greatest Hits! The great global magazine’s four-year-old spin-off youth internet TV channel celebrates the story so far. Having enjoyed early endorsement from Spike Jonze it now has a global network of correspondents who report on all that is…

EIFF 2011 - Five to try: Outside The Box

27 May 2011

Our picks for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's outsider strands

Duncan Speakman: Our Broken Voice Speakman’s project is a ‘subtlemob’ – ‘A film that’s happening in a public space where you’re both a performer and an audience member,’ he says. Still baffled? Imagine arriving at a designated public location, with an…

EIFF 2011 - Five to try: Reel Science

27 May 2011

Our picks for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's outsider strands

Oi! Get Your Grubby Hands out of My Brain A film-initiated debate about the growing commercial application of neuro-imaging, epigenetics and other futuristically-named brain technologies. Do you really want to know if you are going to pass on madness…

Interview - EIFF 2011 curator Alan Warner on the films of Jerzy Skolimowski

27 May 2011

Deep End, The Shout and The Adventures of Gerard to screen at EIFF

People started throwing around that name ‘curator’, which gave the impression that Isabella Rossellini and I were ensconced together in a hotel in the south of France devising programmes. Of course, the truth was that I met Mark Cousins in an Edinburgh…

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Kim Cattrall, star of Sex and the City, discusses her new film Meet Monica Velour

27 May 2011

Indie comedy about an aging porn star is set to screen at the EIFF

‘To have a role like this in your fifties is quite extraordinary,’ says Kim Cattrall, who is 53 and has made a virtue of playing sexy older women in a business that refuses to equate the one with the other. ‘When Meet Monica Velour showed at the Tribeca…

Profile: Philip Seymour Hoffman, director and star of Jack Goes Boating

27 May 2011

The much-respected actor screens his directorial debut at the EIFF

Born Fairport, New York, 23 July 1967. Background Known as the ‘character actor’s character actor’, Hoffman has been a jobbing actor since the early 1990s. After playing bit parts in television shows, shorts and features, Hoffman got his breakthrough…

Edinburgh International Festival 2011 IN festival membership scheme

24 May 2011

EIF and The List deal for half-price tickets, events and freebies

Edinburgh International Festival - in association with The List magazine - are offering members of an innovative and exclusive membership scheme a whole host of half-price tickets, event passes and freebies for the 2011 Festival season. Membership to…

Books on cinema - round-up

23 May 2011

How the Movie Brats Took Over Edinburgh, Tough Without A Gun, The Faber Book of French Cinema

As is always the way in Scotland, summer is kind of here, and now is the time to lie in the grass with that growing pile of tosh novels. But let’s face it, you are going to win a lot more kudos from your film-obsessed mates if you create a tower of…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011 - sneak preview

23 May 2011

Liberace, Finnish a capella groups and iPad fairy tales just some of the coming attractions

Whether it’s origami genitalia, homosexual deities or political commentary on the Lockerbie bombing, Edinburgh’s Fringe seldom arrives with a whimper but rather a ruddy great roar. June sees the official launch of 2011’s line-up, but we thought we…