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Barbershopera: Apocalypse No!

7 Sep 20103 stars

A superb show full of dazzling vocals

In a hilariously funny show - where Satan’s horsemen adopt a jaded primary school teacher as their leader to incite the end of the world - the ‘three guys and a girl’ of Barbershopera tell the tale of Beth, a teacher, who is looking for the venue of one…

Darcy’s Dilemma

7 Sep 20103 stars

A must for all Austenites

Darcy paces a lavishly furnished regency chamber clad in dishy regency riding boots; this is a one-man show featuring the gentleman-hero himself. The script moves to and fro between quotations from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and some original…

The Man Who Fed Butterflies

7 Sep 20102 stars

Sporadically phenomenal spectacle lacks magic of theatre

Something Pixar, with their melange of spacemen, rat and sea creature protagonists, seem to have worked out fairly early on in the game is that it’s very difficult to emphathise with a CGI human face. The reason the human characters in the Toy Story…

Meredith Monk: Songs of Ascension

7 Sep 20104 stars

There is so much beauty here

It’s difficult to begin describing Songs of Ascension, a new(ish) work by composer, musician, artist and mercurial force of nature Meredith Monk, because it doesn’t fit cleanly into any of the nice, regular boxes we use to describe different kinds of…

Mitchell Museum and White Heath

7 Sep 20104 stars

Edge Festival, Electric Circus, 11 Aug 2010

There some confusion early on tonight as to whether the five young guys occupying the stage are completing their soundcheck before the main act or or are the support act. As it turns out, it's the latter, and the youthful audience are treated to the…

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Plan B

7 Sep 20104 stars

Rap and hip hop and deep heart-felt soul

There is no doubt that Plan B's Ben Drew is an accomplished rapper and singer, but it's not until you see him live that you can appreciate how immensely talented he is. Many artists work across several genres, but very few have successful attempted…

Roadkill, The Author and 30 Days to Space worthy 2010 festival winners

7 Sep 2010

Steve Cramer's Festival blog

I know it’s not quite over, but with respect to the last couple of shows of the International Festival, now might be the time for the Festival’s final report card. This year’s Festival, if it has shown some good work, still creates the uneasy feeling of…

The Sing-along Glee Club

7 Sep 20103 stars

Hilariously silly, ridiculously twee and delightfully camp

Given the title of this show, one could be forgiven for assuming that its content would be that of the popular television show Glee which recently reached our screens from across the pond. On the contrary, ‘Sing-along Glee club’ provides an insight into…


7 Sep 2010

HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh, Sun 29 Aug

Despite a decade of history behind them, it’s 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix that has given French quartet Phoenix the ammunition to advance from special interest to mainstream concern. Now their delicate but euphoric pop – forging The Strokes…

Mission of Flowers

1 Sep 20103 stars

The life adventures of aviator and dare-devil

A sell out in Soho and an award winning writer and director; Mission of Flowers is a promising choice this Fringe. It’s a one-man show telling the life adventures of aviator and dare-devil Bill Lancaster. Leof Kingford-Smith, as Lancaster, is an…

Myth of the far-left agenda in Alastair Beaton's Caledonia

1 Sep 2010

Steve Cramer's Festival blog

In my last blog, I accused many of the companies engaging in the Fringe of lacking courage, and I’m sticking by it. You can always tell when there’s a political elephant in the room at a fringe, since invariably the more pusillanimous companies visiting…