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The Seagull Effect

8 Aug 20112 stars

Enthusiasm and visual techniques let down by overdone score and direction

It’s raining on the way to Idle Motion’s The Seagull Effect, setting the audience up nicely to appreciate a play about small but consequential events in the world and the weather. Unfortunately the performance is similarly damp with overly literal…

The Vanishing Horizon

11 Aug 20104 stars

Idle Motion stick to their winning formula

Did someone accuse Idle Motion of being one-hit wonders? Because as if in response to such an accusation, the company has recreated the success of its 2009 smash Borges and I with near-scientific precision. Recreated, that is, as opposed to…

The Vanishing Horizon preview

26 Jul 2010

Idle Motion takes you on a journey through the gateway to the globe

On the face of it, a show by some recent Oxford graduates, about... some recent Oxford graduates who attend a book group doesn’t sound like particularly special or unusual Fringe fare. However, Borges and I, by young physical theatre company Idle Motion…