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Festival of Politics tackles devolution and the Arts

6 Aug 2009

James Kelman, Vicky Featherstone and Germaine Greer on bill

The Scottish Parliament’s annual festival of issues and debate is back again, with lectures on everything from the legality of Facebook to diabetes and time travel. Other events catching our beady little eyes include a discussion on Devolution and the…

Edinburgh festival highlights: The top 30 shows

13 Jul 2009

August’s finest entertainment at a glance

We bring you a selection of the best shows at Edinburgh this year across all the festivals, including barnstorming retelling of the Goethe story Faust, former Talking Head David Byrne in experimental mood, The Wire's creator David Simon and theatre…

Germaine Greer at the Festival of Politics

13 Jul 2009

The writer joins the Future Scotland Debate on Sustainable Places

If anyone can get punters fired up about politics it’s Germaine Greer. Relations between MPs and the electorate are at an all-time low; kids can’t be bothered to get off the computer to vote; and our PM’s position is looking decidedly precarious. So…

Hitlist - the best Festival book events

16 Aug 2007

Alan Warner One of our finest scribes takes part in a pair of events this Festival, one on his own in association with The List while the other has him hanging out with another totemic figure of Scottish letters, Janice Galloway. 17 Aug, 8.30pm, £8…