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Roadkill, The Author and 30 Days to Space worthy 2010 festival winners

7 Sep 2010

Steve Cramer's Festival blog

I know it’s not quite over, but with respect to the last couple of shows of the International Festival, now might be the time for the Festival’s final report card. This year’s Festival, if it has shown some good work, still creates the uneasy feeling of…

Emma Thompson Presents Fair Trade

11 Aug 20102 stars

Verbatim ad nauseam

This is, perhaps, not the place to go into the ethics of celebrities lending their names to worthy causes in the shape of theatre productions identifying social ills, but Emma Thompson might at least have chosen more carefully. This piece, taken from…

The Edinburgh Fringe shows taking human trafficking as a theme

29 Jul 2010

Roadkill and Lost Boy amongst Fringe shows telling refugees' stories

A celebrity endorsement works wonders for your box office and all power to Shatterbox for getting Emma Thompson to put her name to its production of Fair Trade. But that show is only the most high profile in an unprecedented wave of Fringe productions…

Festival Timeline

13 Jul 2009

Claire Sawers jogs down memory lane with some landmark Festival moments

62 years of Festival memories, including the debut of a young comedy troop with a future Oscar winner in its ranks and a love affair with a pig.