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Danielle Ward: Speakeasy/Playdead

21 Aug 20123 stars

Wobbly but winning stand-up

One of the two shows the English comedian is performing on alternate nights is billed as Speakeasy. Accordingly, as the audience take their seats, Ward, who’s dressed in an all-in-one trouser suit with a stylish retro print, pours cocktails for those…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe podcasts

10 Aug 2011

Shows at 2011 Edinburgh Festival available as podcasts

Richard 'King of Edinburgh' Herring celebrates his 20th Edinburgh Fringe with RHEFP a daily podcast of comedy and chat. His guests include well-known names from Dan Antopolski to Andy Zaltzman as well as up-and-coming comedy…

Gutted. A Revenger’s Musical

15 Aug 20103 stars

Elaborate but strangely poorly thought-out revenge

Orphaned Sorrow has finally married her parents’ murderer, step one in her elaborate but strangely poorly thought-out revenge. Early on her resolve fluctuates for the sake of making her redeemable, instead making her a ditherer: an even less sympathetic…

Danielle Ward

23 Aug 20093 stars

Self-aware yet distinctive act

Danielle Ward is not, it emerges quickly, your common or garden aide-mémoire comic, reheating pre-cooked observations and serving them on a Styrofoam plate of uninvested playing-at-caring. Her thematic inventiveness is evident from the first skit, a…

Edinburgh Festival comedy highlights for a fiver

15 Jul 2009

Ooh, a Fringe in a credit crunch. It’ll be interesting times for all this year, but if you get in quick you can catch some of the best acts in exchange for a mere fiver. We’ve selected fifty of the finest shows you can see for the price of a…

Danielle Ward

7 Aug 20084 stars

Pacy set that's both clever and funny

'We haven't even flirted with the line yet' warns Danielle Ward as one joke gets a hesitant reaction. She isn't lying; the rest of Ward's material, all rapidly told, invokes death by decapitation, the sex drive of a Siamese twin and some depressing…