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Edinburgh Festival Guide: Performers and directors reveal where they like to go during the festival

26 Jul 2016

Susan Calman, Kai Humphries, Lucy Porter, Craig Campbell and more offer their tips on where to eat, drink and hang out in the capital

One thing Edinburgh definitely has in abundance each August is choice. Choice of venues, choice of genres, choice of shows, even choice of festival. While we were debating about what bars and restaurants should make it into our City Guide our comedy…

Craig Campbell's Thrilling Mic Hunt

5 Aug 20134 stars

Brilliant Canadian raconteur treats us to jovial observational anecdotes at the Fringe Festival

‘Me falling off a log – you can’t get more Canadian than that,’ says Craig Campbell of an ill-fated sea kayaking trip, just one of many similarly cursed escapades he relates in a roundly entertaining hour of jovial observational anecdotes. And it’s true…

Return of the Lumberjacks reunites three Canadian comics

23 Jul 2012

Glenn Wool, Craig Campbell and Stewart Francis at 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

Glenn Wool. What’s the best thing about working with Craig Campbell? The complimentary massages. Tell us one thing that might surprise the world about Stewart Francis? How easy it is to trick him out of his massage vouchers. Tell us your favourite…

Craig Campbell

8 Aug 20114 stars

Natural observational storytelling

Raised in Canada but now residing in southern England, Craig Campbell holds the perfect vantage point to view Britain, along with the many idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants, from the perspective of an outsider. With a recent TV appearance on Michael…

Craig Campbell

21 Aug 20081 star

A one-man play that deserves an audience of less, there is probably a clever, poignant story here. It's just very well-hidden behind the screaming, swearing and unimaginative sexual euphemisms - and who can ever tire of simulated masturbation or crazed…