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Ben Brailsford

16 Aug 20112 stars

Self-confessed geek let down by repetitive material

A bungling monologue this from a self-confessed geek and bassoonist, detailing his misfortune at being wrongly accused of aggravated trespass during the recent anti-cuts protests in London. His material is repetitive and the searing insignificance of…

The Two Wrongies

14 Aug 20112 stars

Confused and confusing naked double-act

It’s unclear where the poorly concealed punches in this crude cabaret of physical comedy are aimed. From five minutes into their performance, the female double-act remains in various states of undress, with predictable simulations of sex and naked…

David O’Doherty

23 Aug 20104 stars

Mild-mannered Dublin comic returns with less song and more chat

The Casio keyboard remains but this year the mild-mannered Dublin comic returns with less song and more chat. And also more book reading, mainly from his recent publication 100 Facts About Pandas. Bung in a kaleidoscopic range of observational indie…

Carey Marx

22 Aug 20104 stars

Debunking some myths with craft and guile

A veteran Pontin’s bluecoat recounting tales of his 19-year-old magician-self, Carey Marx’ fresh and well-judged set focuses on debunking the myths of phony spoon-bending, séance-leading practitioners. Hitting a surprising tone from the off-set, his…

Max and Iván

18 Aug 20103 stars

High energy, fast-paced sketches

This youthful double act presents a near-universal gung-ho set of high energy, fast-paced sketches, raucously covering everything from re-imaginings of blockbusters to advert appeals for a charity for models with eating disorders (where the only…

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16 Aug 20103 stars

Charmingly silly piece of musical comedy

Earnest and classy nautical storytelling from two consummate performers is strengthened by an evidently seasoned friendship and although the duo’s on-stage bickers begin to drag, this is a charmingly silly piece of musical comedy. Accordion, clarinet…

Matt Tiller

16 Aug 20102 stars

Uninspired musical comedy

This uninspired musical comedy from the lovely but rather outmoded Matt Tiller centres upon life’s little blips in social equilibrium: the toilet walk-in, the beach erection and saying the wrong thing after sex. This is fairly common material performed…

Shirley and Shirley

12 Aug 20103 stars

Dark twists on familiar sketch topics

With fantastic energy and physical ability, strong, simple ideas and a remarkable on-stage chemistry, sketch show duo Shirley & Shirley are surely ones to watch. Comparisons to Smack the Pony are unavoidable but by no means disparaging, and while there…

Dave Hill

11 Aug 20103 stars

Navigates a fine path between the crass and the classy

US comic Hill adopts a shy frat boy persona to chronicle the wide-eyed travels of an unsuccessful rock band of thirtysomethings in Japan. Endearingly conveying the marvel of garage band ambition, Hill’s relentless desire to rock provides a solid basis…

Jeremy Lion

9 Aug 20103 stars

Soused kids entertainer goes green

Ruddy-faced Jeremy Lion uses the fertile format of the children’s educational play to bind an alcoholic slapstick to lyrical ditties detailing the dangers of global warming. It’s a finely tailored package of physical, musical and cynical gags that’s at…

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Dan Atkinson: Death by One Thousand Pricks

1 Sep 20093 stars

Compelling and entertaining thesis on the current state of Britain

Dan Atkinson is sick of pretending. He's through with being nice, kaput with repressing his desires, and done with right-wing 'pricks' that moan and whine on radio call-ins. Charmingly presenting the stage as a realm in which the truth runs free, and…

Achtung Pal

21 Aug 20081 star

Twelve hopeful students chew, gag and gurn their way through a barrage of German and 'Schottish' accents in this dreary 1943-Nazi-occupied-Dundee-set comedy. Sparky performances from the stinky Scottish gypsy prostitute and an officer's secretary are…


21 Aug 20083 stars

The playful Japanese pair deftly animate all the trappings of a silent Western, complete with a revenge killing and a big-hearted prostitute. A clever use of shiny happy plastic props and stylishly twee sound effects successfully endow the sex and guns…

Madame with an 'E'

21 Aug 20083 stars

Madame is a scrawny, dirty puppet who bears an uncanny likeness to Joan Rivers. As unappealing as she may sound, the ageing showgirl's rampant filth and alcoholism has a rather endearing quality. Her puppeteer whisks her around a decaying Hollywood and…

The Art of Dating and Dumping

14 Aug 20082 stars

It's official: romance is dead

Ghost tours are annoying because the part of you that secretly believes you may actually see a ghoul, is always let down. This show similarly disappoints. You are drawn to it, suspecting that it may just present you with the holy grail of practical…

Karl Spain

7 Aug 20082 stars

Spain's show spins off an endearing premise: he has diabetes, but doesn't really know what it is. Regaling the crowd with down-the-pub tales of his unquenchable thirst, leg boils and an infected penis, this self-proclaimed food addict gets off to a…

Nick Mohammed

7 Aug 20083 stars

Impressively, Mohammed's airtight character comedy had his spellbound assembly gleefully chanting 'witch, witch, witch' at a poor audience member. Neatly utilising his hairdresser, his cockney and his pashmina-wearing 'yah' characters, Mohammed linked…