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Foul-mouthed, female musical comedy acts are set to tear it up at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013

8 Jul 2013

Vikki Stone, Katie Goodman, Carly Smallman and EastEnd Cabaret discuss filth, fun and feminism

Prudes be warned. A deluge of filthy comedians is about to flood Edinburgh, armed with cuss words, smutty singalongs and a healthy disregard for good taste. They care not a jot for decorum or politeness, they unashamedly perform bawdy songs as part of…

Broad Comedy

23 Aug 20102 stars

Horribly laboured songs about abstinence, tampons and penis size

'We got a crazy show for you,’ hails the leader of this all-female American sketch group. If your idea of ‘crazy’ features horribly laboured songs about abstinence, tampons and penis size, then this will have your head spinning. One routine saves the…

Broad Comedy bring raunchy-but-smart female comedy to Edinburgh Fringe

27 Jul 2010

American sketch sextet with high aims

If Broad Comedy could achieve one thing with their work, what would it be? ‘Orgasm. Wait, we’ve done that.’ So says the charmingly cheeky Katie Goodman, an actress/writer/director who, along with her husband, playwright and actor Soren Kisiel, came up…