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Simon Evans: Genius 2.0

19 Aug 20182 stars

A sort-of sequel that fails to match its predecessor

Self-confessed 'intellectual snob' Simon Evans returns to the Fringe with a revamped version of his acclaimed show Genius, during which he rails against the ills of modern society and its inability to celebrate excellence. Though he's clearly as sharp…

Simon Evans: Genius

11 Aug 20174 stars

Magnificently pessimistic hour about our cultural and societal decline

Where once human civilisation had the genius of Albert Einstein, John Stuart Mill and Plato, now we have memes and 'motivational quotes about fish'. This troubles Simon Evans who, observing the modern world, doesn't like what he sees one bit and wants…

Dapper laughs: comedians with a sense of style

12 Jul 2016

Some of the Fringe's top comedians reveal why they dress to impress on stage

Being a modern comedian means more than just shambling onstage in a stained t-shirt and ripped jeans. Some stand-ups take their appearance very seriously indeed and won’t dream of stepping on stage without sequins or a suit. Brian Donaldson hears from…

Simon Evans: Leashed

16 Aug 20133 stars

Successful material about everyday things

Simon Evans has a mightily long list of television appearances and writing credits to his name and, as a result, draws a large crowd. His familiarity with the limelight and comfort with chatting with an audience leads to him eating up a large chunk of…

Comedian Simon Evans lets us in on a couple of his favorite Fringe things

21 Aug 2012

I have two favourite things about the Fringe. 1) Serendipity I did my first Set List, where comedians are required to improvise material straight off the bat, based on random phrases. I had to speak about ‘Eulogy Headliner’, and said that this was…

Simon Evans: Friendly Fire

5 Aug 20124 stars

Acidic wit proves a slow-burner

Before the likes of Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle took up the gauntlet, Simon Evans was on the stand-up circuit, gleefully shocking crowds with his outrageously disdainful suggestions. Appearing on stage rather toffed-up and keeping a largely straight…

Simon Evans

16 Aug 20104 stars

Tightly written and carefully delivered

Evans executes the carefully crafted persona of an articulate, opinionated after-dinner speaker with a penchant for an extended vocabulary. Within the boundaries of this character, he charts familiar territories: slagging the Welsh, the Geordies and the…